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With a wide range of patio awnings, we have everything you need to extend your outdoor living space regardless of the unpredictable UK weather. With our waterproof retractable awnings, you’re able to control sunshade and rainfall, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space anytime. With motorised awnings, you’re also able to control your awnings from a switch or remote control, wind sensor kit or even have them automatically react to changes in the weather conditions. Leaving you more free time to enjoy relaxing in the company of loved ones. We also stock freestanding awnings like umbrellas and parasols which are perfect for providing more manoeuvrable shading that gazebos and pergolas. If you’re looking for bespoke awnings as opposed to our standard range of awnings, we have a wide range of high-quality bespoke options available. With innovative design, expert fitters and a huge range of awning fabrics and colours to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice – just get in touch and our team will do everything they can to help.

Wide Range of High-Quality Awnings

Full-Cassette Retractable Awnings

Full-cassette awnings are a retractable patio awning that provides better protection from the elements than semi-cassette awnings due to their design. These awnings are perfect for use where extra protection from the elements is required.

Semi-Cassette Awnings

Semi-Cassette awnings provide some protection from the elements and still feature a drop-down valance for forward-facing protection but are best used under soffits where total protection from the elements isn’t always required.

Square Bar Awnings

A strong and versatile awning option, perfect for use in both commercial and domestic situations, and can be operated manually via a hand crank or automatically via remote control.


Automated Electric Awnings

Automated electric awnings are a variant of full-cassette awnings that comes as standard with a motor already equipped for easy and simple protection from the elements – a great alternative to manual awnings.


Freestanding Umbrellas & Parasols

We also have a wide range of freestanding umbrellas and parasol patio covers which are perfect for providing wind, rain and sunshade in both commercial and domestic applications and for covering outdoor and garden furniture from the elements, providing pop-up rain and sun protection.


Bespoke Commercial Awnings

We’re able to design, manufacture and install made-to-measure bespoke commercial awnings to client specification, fit for a variety of uses, from restaurants and cafes to schools and public buildings.

Beautiful Patio Awnings for your Outdoor Living Area

Increase the functionality and look of your outdoor area with high-quality cutting edge patio or garden awning from Patio Awnings 4 Less. From simple, cost-effective cassette awnings and side awnings to provide a privacy screen to state-of-the-art electric awnings and heavy-duty folding arm awnings, our expertise lies in transforming your outdoor space into something special, personal and unique, creating an ambience that complements both your home and lifestyle. Our extensive range of styles and colours means you’ll quickly be able to find a patio awning to suit your style and taste.

Our patio awnings will not only keep you cool, but prevent your outdoor furniture from sun damage, and lower the need for you to turn on your air conditioning. Our awnings have been shown to reduce the temperature on a patio, terrace or garden by up to 20 degrees. With over 20 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of patio awnings, we’ve helped over 120,000 homeowners add style, comfort and character to their outdoor space.

Try our FREE, ‘no obligation’ peace of mind design service, we’ve got all your outdoor needs covered.

Providing a Quality Service

Free Design

Try our free ‘no obligation’ design service in which we will design, measure and fit your awning for your peace of mind.

Over 25 Years of Experience

We have been transforming people’s outdoor space since 1986, creating a personal and unique outdoor space.


Regularly featured on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover, and credited with being the show’s main supplier of patio awnings.

Made to

Our installers will always complete a technical survey and double-check all details, ensuring your awnings are just right.

Get in Touch Today!

We believe that you should be able to enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible, which is why our team of awning fitters will happily go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. We also offer free delivery and installation on qualifying purchases, as well as a 5-year warranty on all products!

To book your free, no-obligation design service, call 0800 587 9906 or contact us today. Your new patio awning is one call away.

"Lovely awning which works as it should. Men were efficient and arrived on time, everything went as it should with David overseeing the work."

"He was very professional, he arrived on time, kept us informed and I would recommend him to anybody."

"He was reliable and professional from start to finish, we were very satisfied with the work."

"Very polite, courteous + professional. He is the best fitter we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Cannot recommend this company + staff highly enough"

"Polite, professional service. Very good quality materials used."

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