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Drop-Arm Awnings

Drop-arm awnings are the perfect solution for shading over windows of any level, from bungalows to single-storey extensions, as the arms of the awning can be fitted in any position to allow for the desired level of shade. These awnings are a cost-effective shading option that is both lightweight and sturdy.

Drop-arm awnings can be operated manually or can be fitted with a motor for simple and easy automation.

Ocelot Drop-Arm Awnings

Our Ocelot drop-arm awnings are a lightweight, yet sturdy cost-effective shading solution perfect for windows. Operating from a fixed pivot point, these awnings can be stopped in any position you require, making them ideal for bungalow and single-storey extensions.

  • - Widths span up to 5000mm.
  • - Ocelot Awning Drop: 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm.
  • - Standard RAL Colours: 9010 White.
  • - Corrosion Resistant.
  • - Powder Coated.
  • - Extruded Aluminium Hardware.
  • - Stainless Steel Components for Long Lasting Durability.
  • - Slim, flush cassette, ensuring that the fabric and components are protected from the weather when retracted.
  • - Internal manual operation option available.
  • - TUV quality and CE safety marked.
Width 0.75m 1m 1.25m 1.5m
1.5m * * * *
1.75m * * * *
2m * * * *
2.25m * * * *
2.5m * * * *
3m * * * *
3.25m * * * *
3.5m * * * *
3.75m * * * *
4m * * * *
4.25m * * * *
4.5m * * * *
4.75m * * * *
5m * * * *

Benefits of Ocelot Awnings

Cost Effective

Great for Windows

Easily Automated

Range of Applications

Perfect Shading for Windows & Balconies

  • Drop-arm awnings are an ideal solution for shading over windows and balconies at any level thanks to their design. Once fitted into position above a window or balcony, the arms of drop-arm awnings can be adjusted to provide the ideal level of shade required. Drop-arm awnings can be adjusted to fit any window, meaning no matter how big or small the window, we can provide the perfect cost-effective shading solution. Perfect for use in commercial and domestic settings, from cafes, shops & offices to schools, homes and care homes, drop-arm awnings don’t restrict the view out of the window for those inside but still provides perfect sun shade during early morning and late evening when the sun is lower in the sky.

Our range of quality cost-effective drop-arm awnings have many benefits including:

  • Adjustable Sun Shade – Drop-arm awnings allow you to change the angle of the arms to provide shade regardless of where the sun is in the sky.
  • Totally Retractable – Drop-arm awnings are fully retractable for when they’re not in use or weather conditions are bad.
  • Highly-Durable Awning Option – Drop-arm awnings are a highly durable and cost-effective awning suitable for windows and balconies
  • Low Maintenance – Drop-arm awnings are a low-maintenance option for shading your windows, doors and balconies thanks to their quality design.

Why Choose Us?

Patio Awnings 4 Less have been providing both commercial and cosmetic awnings for many years and have even been featured on ITV’s 60 Minute Make-Over. We ensure all of our products meet safety standards and our staff are friendly and professional, always happy to help you find the perfect awning for your outdoor area. We also offer a FREE no-obligation design service in which a member of our team will access your options and provide you with the best options for shading your outdoor area.

Find out more about drop-arm awnings and how they could transform your outdoor space and how our team could help you. Get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can Drop Arm Awnings be Installed?

Drop arm awnings are a perfect solution for shading windows of any level as they’re able to drop higher and lower depending on how much shade is required.

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