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Automated Shade & Rain Protection with Electric Awnings

Don’t let the unpredictable British weather ruin your outdoor living space with automatic electric motorised awnings.

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Electric retractable awnings allow you to make the most of your outdoor space but with the unpredictability of the British weather, it can go from sunshine to rain in the time you’ve managed to run in the house for another drink. State of the art electric awnings from Patio Awnings 4 Less offer excellent functionality, allowing for control at the touch of a button, or better yet, have your retractable patio awnings react automatically to changes in the weather. Electric awnings are a variant of full-cassette awnings that don’t require manual operation as they’re fitted with an electric motor as standard.

Whether you want to transform your own personal patio with a garden awning or require a full-cassette electric awning for a commercial property, our high-quality awnings are an ideal solution for your business or home.

Complete Protection with Just a Click

A patio awning is a great way of providing complete protection and peace of mind that you can enjoy any outdoor area; rain or shine. Not only do they provide sun protection, but they can also shelter you from the rain making them a great way to extend a café or restaurant. Our electric patio awnings range delivers the ultimate convenience allowing you to open them using a remote control, wall switch or sensor kit giving you coverage from all weather conditions with the click of a button. This can save busy retail companies precious time and effort at the beginning and end of a long working day and provides versatility to cater to your customer’s needs. Electric awnings are also perfect for personal use allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy your outdoor space all year round, providing sunshade and shielding you from strong winds.

Range of Colours & Fabrics

Create your ideal garden awning canopy to suit your garden or outdoor space with a wide range of different awning fabrics and colours to choose from.

Awning Colour Range

BYR 7517

BYR 7554

BYR 5230

BYR 5437

BYR 9050

BYR 8031

BYR 7411

BYR 7502

BYR 5966

BYR 7516

BYR 8037

BYR 8811

BYR 7412

BYR 7456

BYR 7505

BYR 7524

BYR 7543

BYR 7595

BYR 7622

BYR 7624

BYR 5425

BYR 5778

BYR 5963

BYR 8032

Awning Inspiration

Other Awning Applications

Patio Awnings 4 Less also stocks a huge choice of alternative awnings for a range of different applications.

Window Awnings

Our window awnings are the perfect option for those looking to provide window shading or door canopies to help control the temperature and light in a specific room of your home.

Garden Awnings

Never let the weather disrupt your outdoor space again with a manual awning shading solution for your garden or patio.

Free Standing Awnings

We stock a wide range of freestanding umbrellas and parasol patio canopies which are perfect for providing pop-up protection from the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? If we don’t answer them here feel free to get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

Electric awnings are fitted with an electric motor which can be operated using a manual switch/button or even using weather sensors in order to detect changes in weather and have your awning adjust accordingly.

Most manual awnings can be fitted with a motor for use alongside a remote control or wind sensor in order to make using your awnings that much easier.

It is recommended that all awnings are angled slightly in order to ensure you don’t end up with standing water sitting on the fabric of your awning. The recommended angle for most awning types is roughly 30°, provided the electric sun awning material is taught.

If the pitch of the awning is less than 14° then it shouldn’t be used in the rain. If the pitch is more than 14° your awning should generally be good for use in rain.

Electric awning can be used in low wind but shouldn’t be used if winds are over roughly 20MPH.

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At Patio Awnings 4 Less, we ensure all safety standards are met with our entire range of products, that’s why we’re happy to offer a 5-year warranty on all products. With over 25 years of experience behind us to deliver only top-quality service and provide expert advice to those who need it.

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