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Portable Freestanding Awnings for Weather Protection Anywhere

We stock a wide range of quality free-standing awnings from umbrellas to parasol patio awnings which are perfect for providing pop-up protection from the elements for your open spaces.

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Freestanding awnings are our all-weather portable awning solution. If you’re looking for shade or rain protection around your garden our range of freestanding awnings is perfect. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles, we’re sure to stock a freestanding awning to suit your needs. Create the perfect garden area with our range of pergolas, umbrellas and parasols.

Provide Portable Sun Shade & Rain Protection throughout your Garden

Our range of umbrellas, parasols & gazebos is great if you’re looking for a more portable shade option for your garden or business. Unlike retractable awnings and window awnings, freestanding awnings don’t require any walls to fix providing excellent functionality. Providing sunshade and rain protection, they’re great for any occasion, from garden parties and barbecues to outdoor patio seating areas at cafes and restaurants. Available in a range of sizes, umbrellas and parasols are great for covering large outdoor areas where there are no buildings or external walls for awnings to be fitted.

Range of Colours & Fabrics

Customise your garden awning canopy to match any decor with a wide range of different colours and fabrics to choose from.

Awning Colour Range

BYR 7517

BYR 7554

BYR 5230

BYR 5437

BYR 9050

BYR 8031

BYR 7411

BYR 7502

BYR 5966

BYR 7516

BYR 8037

BYR 8811

BYR 7412

BYR 7456

BYR 7505

BYR 7524

BYR 7543

BYR 7595

BYR 7622

BYR 7624

BYR 5425

BYR 5778

BYR 5963

BYR 8032

Awning Inspiration

Other Awning Applications

We also stock various types of awnings for providing all-around weather protection around your outdoor space.

Window Awnings

We stock a range of window awnings that are perfect for providing window shade and rain protection for door canopies helping you to control the temperature and light in a specific room of your home.

Garden Awnings

Never let the weather disrupt your outdoor space again with a manual awning shading solution for your garden or patio.

Electric Awnings

We’re able to equip and supply a range of retractable awnings with electric motors and sensors allowing for simple and easy control via remote control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patio Awnings 4 Less also stocks a huge choice of alternative awnings for a range of different applications.

Freestanding awnings are our all-weather portable awning solution. These can be moved freely around your garden to provide instant shade and weather protection. Both umbrellas and parasols are examples of freestanding awnings.

Due to the designs of umbrellas and parasols, it’s important to ensure they’re secured correctly, as strong winds can sometimes catch them and lift them from the place, leading to potential damage.

A general rule of thumb for ensuring the base of your umbrella or parasol is secure and weighed down is to multiply the width of your umbrella/parasol by 10. For example, a 6’ umbrella would require at least a 60lb base.

Parasols are generally used for sunshade rather than for protection from the rain. For this reason, parasols are usually only slightly water-resistant. For rain protection, you should use an umbrella awning as these are waterproof.

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At Patio Awnings 4 Less, we ensure that all of our products meet strict safety standards, that’s why we’re happy to offer a 5-year warranty on all products. With more than 25 years of experience providing a range of top-quality garden & patio awnings behind us to deliver only top-quality service and provide expert advice to those who need it.

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