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Umbrellas & Parasols (Portable Shade Options)

Umbrellas & Parasols are great if you’re looking  for a more portable shade option for your garden or business. Providing protection from wind and sun, they’re great for any occasion, from garden parties and barbecues to outdoor seating areas at cafes and restaurants.

Available in a range of sizes, umbrellas and parasols are great for covering large outdoor areas where there are no buildings or external walls for awnings to be fitted.

Domestic & Commercial Umbrellas & Parasols

Our Lion umbrellas and parasols are suitable for domestic and commercial use, with all of our products designed to meet the extensive requirements of outdoor catering. Offering the advantage of being portable, umbrellas & parasols don’t rely on a supporting wall like awnings, meaning you can shade any area required with ease.

– Widths span up to 10000 in a single umbrella.
– Standard RAL Colour: 9010 White & 8019 Brown.
– Corrosion Resistant
– Powder Coated.
– Extruded Aluminium Hardware.
– Stainless steel components.
– All moving axes are fitted with bolts ensuring maximum stability and durability.
– Wind tested and open-able at wind speeds up to 50KM per hour.

Benefits of Lion Awnings

Portable Shade Option

Wind Tunnel Tested

Low Maintenance

Competitively Priced

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Umbrellas and Parasols Withstand Strong Winds?

Due to the designs of umbrellas and parasols, it’s important to ensure they’re secured correctly, as strong winds can sometimes catch them and lift them from the place, leading to potential damage.

What Weight Base Do I Need?

A general rule of thumb for ensuring the base of your umbrella or parasol is secure and weighed down is to multiply the width of your umbrella/parasol by 10. For example, a 6’ umbrella would require at least a 60lb base.

Are Parasols Waterproof?

Parasols are generally used for sunshade rather than for protection from the rain. For this reason, parasols may not be entirely waterproof and shouldn’t be used over an umbrella for protection from rain.