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From Haute To Home: Interior Design Meets Aw19 Runway Fashion Trends

While fashion trends are far more fleeting than interior design ones, it can be useful to keep an eye out for anything that looks like its ready to stick around. Many of the biggest interior design trends of the moment have come over from the fashion world, so it’s always worth keeping an ear to the ground of anything up and coming. 

As the latest Autumn Winter fashions have been running on the catwalks, we’ve been taking note of emerging trends, and how they might cross over as interior design inspirations. We’ve put together design mood boards for the ten biggest overarching trends that we’ve spotted in AW19 collections, with key features of the style and predictions for the interior elements they might be applied to – plus tips for how you might be able to introduce these elements into your own home. Browse through our mood boards around the following trends:

Seventies Glam Chic

Designers featuring this look for AW19: Celine, Valentino, Balenciaga, Chloé, Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Gucci

Key features of the style: 

Oversized statement pieces. Argyle, tweeds, browns, dogtooth, chunky knit and grandad sweaters. Chunky brass buttons and thick gold chain. Wide collared silk blouses with a foulard.

How to translate it:

Embrace brass, gold, velvet and tulle. Layer up statement lighting with statement seating, featuring clean lines and bold curves in decadent materials. Choose lighting sources that emit a warm, golden glow to amp up the vintage feel.  Avoid feeling too beige by augmenting a wide palette of neutrals with jewel tones.

seventies glam chic mood board

Electrified Monochromes

Designers featuring this look for AW19: Balmain, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Off-White, Fendi, Jacquemus, Balenciaga, Max Mara

Key features of the style: 

Intense and immersive use of a single colour. Distinct materials such as leather, pvc, fur and satin utilised to bring attention to textures across single tone outfits. Found in both vivid acid splash tones & pastel spring hues.

How to translate it:

This style is easier to build up as you collect pieces of the same colour. Make sure to vary the tones used to create depth in a room. Choose a colour you love, rather than one that is very ‘of the moment,’ else your room will feel dated, fast as next seasons colours roll around.

electrified monochromes mood board

Hard Shoulder

Designers featuring this look for AW19: Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Gabriela Hearst, Michael Kors,  Mugler, Givenchy, Richard Quinn, Rick Owens

Key features of the style: 

This season saw the women’s power suit powerfully reimiagined through a campy butch lens. Oversized shoulders were seen across women’s wear, creating feminine looks with a masculine shoulder. See oversized prints and shapes; robust, muted colour palette; pinstripes & checks.

How to translate it:

Approach traditionally austere interior design styles with a tongue in cheek approach. Style heavy ‘masculine’ furniture against an otherwise ‘feminine’ space for a playful blend. Thick leather and strong dark lines warmed up with softer textures and plants.

hard shoulder mood board

Clean Slate Updated

Designers featuring this look for AW19:Fendi, Boss, Lemaire, Margaret Howell, Roland Mouret, Lacoste, The Row, Loewe

Key features of the style: 

Clean forms, neutral palette, no patterns. Single colour items in a range of tones, and a slight range in textures. This abundance of neutrals follows on from the waves of beige featured for spring summer this year. Vogue went so far as to say “the catwalks were clear on the colour of the season: be more beige.”

How to translate it:

Clean lines and soft textures. Layered palette of warm neutrals. Robust fabrics and materials in soft tones. Very scandi minimalist, so tidy away clutter and future only one or two muted display pieces.

clean slate updated mood board

Sequins- But Make It Casual

Designers featuring this look for AW19: Celine, Koché, Ashish, Tory Burch , Christian Dior

Key features of the style: 

Sequins and rhinestones integrated with daywear. Crochet and chunky knits were dominant in designers spring summer collections, but they have emerged for Autumn Winter encrusted with sequins and jewels.

How to translate it:

Blend sequins with knits and crochets. Glitzy elements are dressed down through casual and comfy styling. Pile on soft furnishings in vibrant tones with decadent detailing.

sequins mood board

Romance & Roses

Key features of the style: 

Floral prints were big in spring but Autumn Winter collections have seen them focussed down to the single rose. Valentino even commissioned a book a poetry, Valentino on Love, to accompany their collection.

How to translate it:

Pile reds on reds on reds, decorate with roses, both small & bold. Feature velvet, lace, satin and fringing- sheer curtains in deep tones, lacy lamps and low kelvin bulbs. Lean in to Gothic & Victorian inspirations.
Scrawl love lines in hidden places.

Black Leather

Key features of the style: 

From biker inspired to couture clean lines, leather (especially in trousers) was everywhere to be found. Primarily in black or very dark brown and often with a matching blazer, this material was ubiquitous.

How to translate it:

High shine or artfully distressed, cosy or severe, leather is incredibly versatile. With high quality imitations available, classic leather looks can be dabbled with without the conscientious concerns; experiment with leather tiles or animal skin style rugs. Leather or leather print can be used to bring maturity to a design, whether you’re looking for a bit of edge, or a touch of classic chesterfield severity.

Gowns Gone BOLD

Designers featuring this look for AW19: Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Roksanda, Nina Ricci, Tomo Koizumi, Molly Goddard

Key features of the style: 

The Autumn Winter runways saw a flock of huge, unabashed ball gowns, in big bright blocks of colour. Dramatic ruffles and billowing skirts. Maximalism on legs.

How to translate it:

Dark moody backgrounds with big bold statements. Statement furniture, statement lights, statement walls. Velvet, silks, brass and gold. For those who’ve been wondering – it looks like this bold trend is here to stay.

High-End Grunge

Designers featuring this look for AW19: Christian Dior, Prada, Eckhaus Latta, Agnona, Marni, Simone Rocha

Key features of the style: 

The artful dishevelment of plaid, roses, doc martens, zips, reveals, rents & tears. This trend takes the more youthful, colourful 90s revival from Spring Summer to a rougher, yet elevated place.

How to translate it:

Perfectly distressed materials. Lumberjack cabin classics in glossy spaces. Rugged, elements artfully curated. Fave albums as art. Curation and styling is key to maintaining this look; one piece too many and you edge into scruffy student house.

high end grunge mood board

Piled on Plumes

Key features of the style: 

Feathers everywhere- which is unsurprising given the renewed focus on textures. Ultimate texture for decadence. Feathers and trimmings have been slowly creeping into centre stage after the past few seasons, so ignore these seemingly standard items at your peril. 


How to translate it:

Feathers hold a unique affinity for the dramatic and are best used to grab attention. Feather designs can easily be found across wallpaper, prints and fabrics. The delicate and translucent nature of feathers makes them stunning and unusual choices for light features – not to mention this helpfully keeps them elevated above any potential damage. They also make a light and playful alternate to fringing, and look stunning anywhere you would find a fringe.

piled on plumes mood board

These are the trends we’ve clocked coming up on the runway -which, if any, do you think might have some mileage in the interior design world? Let us know if you think we’ve missed any!