Go Outside Digital Detox

In today’s world, most of us are guilty of spending a bit too much time staring at our phones. Whether it’s a random Facebook notification, an email off work, or yet another message on that WhatsApp group chat, it’s easy to get caught in an endless loop of scrolling and refreshing. This is a habit many of us have fallen into – it’s emerged that the average British person now spends 6 hours a day looking at screens, and we interact with and touch our phones over 2600 times in that same period. 

On top of this, we’re also spending a huge amount of time indoors – 92% of each day in fact. This combination of high amounts of screen time and not enough time outdoors could be having a profound effect on our health. From increased risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease, to sleepless nights, and mental health issues like anxiety and depression, the modern lifestyle carries with it a lot of potential dangers. 

We’ve put together the following infographic looking at how turning off your devices and spending some much needed time in the great outdoors can help to revitalise your body and mind in today’s hectic world. You don’t need to go far to enjoy these benefits. Even spending some time in your garden relaxing under an awning can boost your mood and help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Take a look below to see all the crucial facts and figures about why you need to take a digital detox and go outside!