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The Ultimate Summer BBQ Playlists

The Top Artists & Songs for this Summer

There’s nothing better than getting friends and family round for a summer BBQ, and you can’t have a summer BBQ without the right summer playlist.

Here at Patio Awnings 4 Less, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Continue reading to find out the top songs and artists for your summer BBQ playlist.

We used Spotify in order to identify more than 150 different public playlists featuring ‘BBQ’ or ‘Barbeque’ within their titles. We then broke down each of these playlists to reveal the most popular summer BBQ artists and songs.

This meant sorting through over 30,000 individual songs from more than 10,000 different artists spanning 6 decades.

The Top 20 Summer BBQ Songs

In order to identify the most popular summer BBQ song, we worked through over 30,000 individual tracks from more than 150 public playlists featuring over 15,000 artists to narrow down the most popular summer BBQ tracks.

Below you can view the top 20 most popular summer BBQ songs to include within your playlists.

While there are plenty of songs we definitely expected to see within the top 20 – what’s a summertime playlist without ‘Sweet Home Alabama’? There are also a couple we weren’t expecting to see.

Missing out on the ‘Top 20’ spots, but still making it into the top 50 summer BBQ songs were some very surprising songs that we expected to see much higher up the list;

Ms. Jackons – Outkast – 21st Place
Budapest – George Ezra – 25th Place
Wonderwall – Oasis – 28th Place
Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira – 39th Place
Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People – 47th Place

Don’t want to make your own playlist? Enjoy the full top 50 ultimate summer BBQ tracks, you can listen to the playlist on Spotify here:

With over 3 hours’ worth of music, there’s something in this playlist for everyone!

The Top 20 Summer BBQ Artists

Following on from identifying the top Summer BBQ songs, we decided we’d take a look at which artists give off that summertime vibe and have been featured within our lists the most. The results might surprise you, we definitely didn’t expect number 1!

Below you can view the top 20 most popular summer BBQ artists to include within your playlists.

There are a few artists we definitely expected to see in our top 20 summer BBQ artists, but there are also some really surprising results! Let us know your favorite summertime artist.

Surprisingly, topping the list was Eminem who was featured more than 57 times, with Taylor Swift closing out the top 20 featuring only 24 times (we definitely expected more from Swifty!)

Not quite making it into our top 20 list were some quite big names that we felt would have featured, including;

AC/DC – Featured 22 TImes – 24th Place
David Bowie – Featured 21 Times – 28th Place
Fleetwood Mac – Featured 20 Times – 30th Place
Black Eyed Peas – Featured 19 TImes – 34th Place
George Ezra – Featured 19 Times – 36th Place
Imagine Dragons – Featured 16 Times – 50th Place

The Top Summer BBQ Genres

Next, we decided to take a look at which genre of music was featured within our playlists the most. According to the data, ‘Rock’ was the most frequently featured genre of music within the playlists we analysed.

Continue reading below to find out which genre was featured most and least;

We weren’t overly surprised to see Rock at the top of the list, with AC/DC, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and more all featuring within many of the playlists we analysed it was expected.

Surprisingly, ‘country’ ranked 6th most popular genre from our research, outranking Tropical House, Reggae, and more.

The Top Summer BBQ Track Decades

Finally, we took a look at which decade gave off the best summertime vibe from the playlists we analysed. The data collected showed 2000s music to be the featured decade, featuring more than any other decade of music.


We have sorted through over 150 different summer BBQ playlists from Spotify. From these playlists, we have manually analysed more than 30,000 songs from over 10,000 different artists in order to identify the most popular songs and artists for this summer’s BBQ playlist.

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